In 1907, a men’s group associated with the Swendenborgian Society in Boston established the Neighborhood House in Lynn, MA to provide “health and welfare” programs and services for the immigrant population in the shoe industry. The mission of the founding director, Grace Gregg, was “to help families help themselves”. She is credited with establishing Lynn’s first kindergarten, public playground, well-baby clinic, dental dispensary, lending library, and much more.
Throughout the years, The Neighborhood House worked with immigrant, low-income families, providing programs and services to help families become self-sufficient. Decades later, our core values, philosophy, mission, and populations served remain similar as Gregg House continues to help parents build resiliency and move towards self-sufficiency. Today, our mission is to support families and each child in our program to grow up healthy, educated, resilient, and successful. We accomplish this by providing families with comprehensive services, appropriate resources, and ongoing opportunities for family and community engagement.